At ANC KARIS, we try our best to teach 7th, 8th, and 9th graders the meaning of the gospel by loving others to Christ.



Welcome Team

Here is our welcome staff! If you're lost or feeling lonely, come find one of these brothers or sisters and they will do their best to help answer any questions and guide you to find your place here at ANC KARIS.


Praise Team

Led by Timmi, Cate, and Stephanie; we do our best to lead you into the holy of holies. Come experience worshiping God with us at ANC KARIS.


Small group

Our ministry heavily relies on small groups in order to implement our mission statement. It's impossible for one person to reach 150 students. However, through our small group leaders and communities, we are able to make a much bigger difference in displaying love for one another as Jesus loved us.

Gospel of Luke


Join us this Sunday as we go through the Gospel According to Luke!