10:30 AM10:30

Learn Drums/Bass/Media/Sound

Come learn how to work the media/sound board and stage set-up at 10:30am! A great way to serve even if you're not musically inclined.

If you feel musically inclined, come learn basic drums and bass to possibly serve on praise team in the future! ALL are welcome.

Free lunch is provided.

sign up through the link below!

Drums, Bass, Media, Sound, Stage set-up sign up

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8:00 PM20:00

Wednesday Night Refresh

We'll be going over Chapter 4 of Crazy Love!

Even if you've missed one or two or the whole series of Crazy Love-- don't let that stop you from joining us tonight! There will be yummy snacks and dinner will be served in the Cafeteria at 7:00! Be there or be circle.

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9:45 AM09:45

Twenty Year Anniversary

Today will be Pastor Yoo's last Sunday and we will be having a joint worship service with high school and bi-lingual and there will be a GUEST SPEAKER that comes with the group known as "the call" 

The Guest Speaker will give a message as well as promote "the call". 

Jr-Highers : On this day, if you attend second service go to the regular Jr High Worship Room, but if you go to third service, please go to M800 (Regular EM Room). There will be no small group!

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8:00 PM20:00

Wednesday Night Refresh

Hopefully those who came to last week's WNF enjoyed going over the first chapter of Crazy Love

We looked at James 4:13-17 and learned many things. We went over how we have subtle deceptions of idolatry, how we get distracted by both good and bad things that draw us away from enjoying God's presence, honoring Him, and spending real time with Him. We also focused on how we believe we're the center of the universe, when we're really smaller than the smallest speck. We have so much anxiety in our lives, we fail to trust God and to see the world as He sees it. 

This week we'll be going over chapter two-- if chapter one was this good... OH MAN

So come this Wednesday! The church serves dinner at 7:00 PM!

Let's get down to business!

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2:00 PM14:00

Meet the Parents

Surprise surprise!

What do your parents know about your small group leader? What do YOU know about your own small group leader?

This event is set for your parents to have the opportunity to meet your leader and all the other leaders from both second and third service.
To see if the stories you tell about them at home are true!
To see who's guiding their little duckling at church in their walk with God!

Getting to know what kind of leader-student relationship is in place is important!
So please encourage your parents to come out and feel free to come as well to support them and your leaders!


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8:00 PM20:00

Wednesday Night Refresh

Come on down to church with your friends and spend some time and have fellowship! 

Wednesday Night Refresh is a great way to get to know another side of the ministry.
Every week we have a new activity, sometimes we watch movies, do Bible study, make skits, or play games! This week we'll be continuing a series of going over a book, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

Contact ___________

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